Home is On The Market Too Long

The third factor could be that the home is not being marketed effectively.

Remember the Selling Trifecta:

  1. Price it Right, 
  2. Prepare it to Sell and
  3. Market it Right.   Without these three ingredients, it's tough to go to closing. 

Although you cannot make a second great first impression, there are steps that you and your Realtor® can take to make your Listing "New" again... 

  1. A Realtor® has the capability of removing your Listing from all areas of the internet.  If your Realtor® doesn't know how to do this, ask them to find out from their Broker.  The reason you want your Listing removed is so you have time to properly prepare your home to sell and make it a "New" Listing when it is advertised again.  Buyers decide within 8 seconds on whether they want to "Save" a home on Zillow.com, Realtor.com, etc. and if they already "passed" on your home the first time they saw it, you want to make sure that they see it as a "New" Listing after all of your hard work to prepare it properly.  You want to make sure your home is completely taken off the internet - simply reducing the price or posting new pictures will NOT make the Listing "New" and Buyers who had passed on it will not look at it.
  2. Properly prepare your home by Staging it to sell.  Here are my tips on how to Stage your home yourself: DIY Home Staging to Sell .
  3. Once your home is prepared, INSIST that your Realtor® hire a professional real estate photographer to take the photos of your home.  If, for whatever reason, your Realtor® will not hire one, then I strongly suggest that you invest the $150-$200 into the sale of your home and hire one yourself.  Click to read why: Professional Photos are Crucial Please make sure that NO PETS and no evidence of pets are in any photos...some people will not look at a house if they think pet hair or soiled carpeting might be an issue, no matter how clean your home is.
  4. Make sure that your Realtor® is ready to Market your "New" Listing aggressively on Social Media! Refer to these tips:  Realtor® Marketing Content Calendar
  5. Now you can advertise your properly prepared home with professional photos on the internet!  You should not have to do a price reduction at this time as it is coming on as a "New" Listing!  Ask your Realtor® to arrange for a Broker's Open House.  This Open House is for Real Estate Professionals only to offer their first impressions of your home. This is a free way for you to have more Realtors® view your home!

A good site to see if your home is priced right is: Howstuffworks

I would also recommend that you hire a Home Inspector now to take care of any unforeseen issues that may need fixing before a contract is agreed to.  You will have a very difficult time making your Listing "New" a third time if a deal falls thorough due to a bad home inspection.

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