No Furnishings In My Home

If you have little or no furnishings in your home, it will be extremely difficult for Buyers to envision themselves living in that home.  In fact, only 10% of Buyers can envision changes in a home and they are usually "Flippers" who will negotiate the price to the lowest possible in order to make a big profit when they remodel it themselves.

Statistics prove that a home that is professionally Staged sells 73% quicker and usually for more money than an unstaged home.

You have options to furnish your home with just enough furniture to show a purpose in every room:

  1. You can use what you already own and borrow some furniture and accessories from family and/or friends ~ make sure that your homeowner's insurance covers any damages and/or losses for any borrowed items. Make sure that what you borrow or use is modern and in good shape.  Avoid thrift store finds unless it is in unusually good condition.  Remember, you want to create your home to look and feel like an ideal home for a buyer to envision themselves living in.
  2. You can rent furniture and accessories from a furniture rental store ~ this is probably less stressful as they will insure, deliver, set-up and take-down all items included in their rental price.  The challenges you might find doing this is the cost and having cohesive items available for you to rent.  As with any contract, make sure you read and understand the terms such as minimum rental period (usually 3 months), coverage that their insurance provides (some will not cover all damages) and any early cancellation fees.

Key items to consider renting:

  • Living Room: Sofa/Sectional, 2 accent chairs, accent pillows, large area rug (if area is not carpeted), coffee table, 2 end tables, 2 lamps with shades, appropriate artwork (size and subject matter) and accessories to create emotional connection points;
  • Master Bedroom:  It is crucial that this area be luxurious and serene.  This is where you want to spend extra dollars on quality bedding (you can take it with you to your new home if you purchase it) and LOTS of pillows! Click on  Houzz Beds  for ideas on what to purchase and how to display it.  You will want to rent a queen bed, 2 bedside tables, dresser, appropriate artwork (size and subject matter), area rug (if area is not carpeted) and accent chairs with more pillows.
  • Dining Area:  Appropriate size dining table with chairs, area rug (if area not carpeted), appropriate artwork (size and subject matter), table runner, centerpiece decoration and place settings;
  • Breakfast Nook: Same as Dining Area but usually on a smaller scale;
  • Kitchen:  Decorative area rugs.  All countertops should be cleared off except for some "pops of color" accessories.  NO KNIVES on the counters or on the walls - no exceptions - not only are exposed knives bad Feng Shui, they also pose a potential danger to anyone who is showing the home to strangers.  All appliances should be cleaned thoroughly and fingerprint-free.
  • Main floor Bathroom and Master Bathroom:  Nothing portrays cleanliness like fluffy pure white bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.  Shower curtains should be white and the area rug should be a textured, thick white rug.  Appropriate artwork (size and subject matter).  All personal grooming items should be out of sight and only one or two decorative accessories placed on the counters.  Think spa-like!
  • Outdoor Space:  Finding outdoor furniture to rent may pose a problem as most rental companies don't carry it or just a table and chairs.  In Florida, the Outdoor Space is just as valuable as the Living Room as most buyers envision themselves as living outside most of the year.  Think lounge chairs, end tables, BBQ grills, outside sink and again, lots of pillows!

OR you can hire a Certified, Professional Home Stager to provide the furniture, accessories, insurance, delivery, pick-up and extraordinary expertise to place all items to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.  A Professional Home Stager will have their own inventory and connections to rent or purchase additional items at a "to the trade discount" resulting in being able to keep costs down for their clients.  This is my description of my  Vacant Home Staging Services.

Always make sure that you check the Stager's Portfolio and Reviews on their website.  You might want to check their Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Page and Google+ Pages too (most professionals have direct links to these pages on their websites - see mine in the lower left hand corner on each page).  Two good sources of Reviews are Google+ and Houzz.com Pro pages.  Reviews that are submitted on these two platforms are verified as authentic...not just anyone can post a review on them!  

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