Professional Photos Are Crucial!


Which photo do you think portrays the room to it's best advantage??

I know of some Realtors® that are so anxious to get their Listings posted on the MLS that they will take photos with their phone camera and post them until professional photos are taken. 

DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS ~ Remember, YOU are the BOSS!!!  

A Top Producer Realtor® will provide the services of a professional real estate photographer...HOWEVER...Be Aware...

a new Listing that appears on the 

MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, Home.com, etc. is saved or passed on

by potential buyers within 8 seconds of viewing the home ~ those first photos have to be AWESOME!!

You cannot afford to have less than perfect photos of an inviting, organized home for the First Impression. You must make certain that your home looks its best before ANY photos are taken.  Once the photos are put online, that's your home's First Impression.

No matter how many updated photos that you add later, the chances of a potential buyer seeing them are slim and none if they have already passed on your home's listing.  

This article is courtesy of Real Producers Magazine Blog 2018/3/5:

"Thirty-five percent* of home buyers bid on ​a house unseen in 2017!

Redfin, the real estate listing site that conducted this research, offers a few logical reasons for this statistic, *which rose from 19% in 2016. First, there’s the inability to physically see spaces when a buyer is relocating but wishes to have a home purchased before the big move. Then, there’s the growingly-competitive nature of many major markets across the U.S., leaving buyers no choice but to put in an offer ASAP or risk losing the home to a bolder buyer.

But something else that has likely increased sight-unseen offers is the ever-improving quality of online listings. With high-resolution, perfectly-edited photographs and impressive video walkthroughs, buyers can be left feeling as though they stepped down the halls themselves  – all from the comfort of wherever they may really be.

While not touring homes may lead to less buyer-realtor interaction physically, the trust and understanding between the two have never needed to be stronger  – an exciting direction for agents across the country." 

One Realtor® looked me right in the eye and told me "pictures don't really matter" and she's the same one who told me "I don't believe in Open Houses and I don't like to do them".  Her Listings have been on the Market over 100 days with multiple price reductions and still have not sold...

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