Allow me to help you make your listing sell quickly and for $$ top dollar $$

My focus is on making YOU and the HOME look GREAT!

Partner with Me, an HSR Certified Professional and Benefit...

  •  It Won't Cost You a Penny!  You recommend me to your client and arrange for me to call, email or meet with them and I negotiate fees directly with them.  Or, you can offer to pay for all or part of the Comprehensive Staging Report as part of your Listing Agreement at a volume based discount.
  • I Work for YOU!  Being successful for 30+ years in the Hospitality industry, I exemplify excellent customer service and will treasure and honor each of your clients as a complement to the services that you provide. Homeowners are emotionally attached to their homes and are unable to view them objectively as their most valuable commodity. By you bringing me in as the third party expert to educate them on the importance of de-cluttering and staging, your relationship with the client will not be jeopardized.  I will stress the significance of that crucial first impression with professional photos that will be used to market their home.
  • You can Enhance your Listing Package! I understand and appreciate that you work hard to get Listings by developing relationships with your clients.  Therefore, when offering my services to perform Occupied Home Staging Consultations and Reports, you are "STANDING OUT" in the crowded marketplace by providing a valuable service to your client.
  • Your Listings will be Showcased on my Social Media pages! I will help to market the listing with videos, Facebook Live and entries on all of my social media pages with your contact information. You are welcome to use any photos that I take.
  • Accredited and Certified!  Certification and credibility matter to you and your Sellers, so you and they know when I make a recommendation...it's in their best interest.
  • Beautiful, Photo-Filled Reports! I offer the best client action plans in the business, so you and I look professional and there's no mistaking what needs to be done to the home.
  • Educational Hand-outs!  Since we know that not all sellers "get it", I offer easy to understand, statistics and materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.

Hear Barbara Corcoran's Views on Staging a Home to Sell:

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